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What is Lumbar Spinal Stenosis? 

Lumbar spinal stenosis can be caused by a variety of mechanisms but most commonly is caused by wear and tear on the spine - degenerative arthritis. When this wear and tear occurs the space where the nerves travel have a decreased space and pressure is put on them. 

Common symptoms often include: back and leg pain, pain in the buttocks and pins and needles in the toes. These symptoms are often increased by walking or standing. 


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Bootcamp for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis? 

Lumbar spinal stenosis can be a debilitating condition and there is no cure. The Boot camp for lumbar spinal stenosis is a 6 week program created by Dr. Carlo Ammendolia at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto. This program offers education, manual therapy, targeted exercises and self-management exercises. The goal of the program is to reduce disability and maintain independence. This program wont cure spinal stenosis but can help you live happier life. 

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